May 10, 2024


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Do you ever feel like this?

You’re taking a moment for yourself sipping your morning tea or coffee and then you realize that something is missing in your life. maybe you're not taking enough time for yourself but the idea seems foreign and almost daunting.

And we think to ourselves where would I ever begin?

As we ponder this question, we can't help but notice all the limiting beliefs in our mind. maybe we think that self-care is selfish or maybe we don't deserve the time for ourselves. maybe we fear judgment. especially if we tell somebody about our needing self-care. another thought we might have is and it just doesn't work and we really don't feel better and it really doesn't make a difference.

If you've ever thought these thoughts, I know how you feel.

It's like, why do I have to keep doing self-care why can't I just do it once and keep it forever? well we know better than that it just doesn't work that way.

I spent years comparing myself to others in terms of weight and shape. and to be honest I just stopped buying clothes. my friends gave me their hand-me-downs and I was perfectly happy with that. I tried Law of Attraction and that only got me frustrated because it didn't work and I felt like I get hope up and it only led to sadness.

And then I finally figured out that the time I relax and spend with myself is really the best time of my day. I enjoy thinking and walking. Maybe even figuring out what my day is going to look like. It has changed me in a way I never knew. Things that used to bother me, don’t anymore. People can say things, news can bring the worst, and I let it slide off me. This is because I take time for myself first.

So, what are three basic tips we could use to begin the process of self-care?

Since you are not one to back down from a challenge, let’s do one of these tips at a time.

Tip #1: This is not an elaborate ritual. Keep it simple, just be “present” for a few minutes every morning. After you find these few minutes or peace, repeat them before you go to bed at night. This will help you feel more centered and ready to tackle whatever your day throws at you.

Tip #2: Next, find or make yourself a “nurturing nook”. It’s that place you go to unwind and think through things. It can be a cozy place in the corner of your house. It can be a chair in your closet. It can be by a window so the sun shines in. When I lived up north, I used a “sunlamp” to expand my days of cloudiness and darkness. This made a huge difference and gave the chance to immerse myself in relaxation.

Tip #3: Being fiercely independent is OK but I knew I was missing people just as much as I was missing the wonders of the world. I asked myself one day, “Why is it that I love to try new things and see new places, and travel, but I don’t pursue the treasures people can bring me?” So I decided to overcome my fear that people would take all my time and found friends who liked the same things I liked. They had their schedules and I had mine so it has worked out and I really wonder why I waited to meet such wonderful people.

As I have embraced these 3 simple self-care practices into my day, my life has slowed. Nothing in a rush anymore. Who cares if I get every red light on my way somewhere? The weight of my own limiting beliefs has lifted. There is a new sense of peace, freedom, tolerance, patience, and yes, empowerment.

I truly believe we all deserve this…to be ourselves by putting ourselves first. We then become the best we can be to others.

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