Senior's Freedom Club

Exhausted with Senior Care or just Wanting to Stay Independent?

Whether you're a senior or taking care of a senior, good health, great living is easy to keep when you have the right resources and system behind you. 

Senior Healthcare

On Amazon: This book is a revolutionary whistle blower to the healthcare system. Become an advocate for yourself in a system that practices profits over patients. Get Details

This Medical History Book is the soup-to-nuts guide you’ve been waiting for to keep your senior safe from medical mistakes. Sold separately. Get Details

The Senior Care Advantage

Are you a senior patient who is tired of your doctor pushing you out the door? Want answers and not medical bills? Look over my shoulder as I show you all the tips & tricks to your healthcare system.  Get Details

Behavioral Changes in Your Senior

Legal and Financial Matters

Home Living Conditions

Setting Boundaries

Time Management

The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide: Living the Life You Love While Caring for a Senior

A great job in senior care starts with a blueprint: A set of 'no-guess' strategies to keep you on track for what's ahead. No caregiver needs to experience frustration, uncertainty, depression, guilt, or exhaustion. Written like a textbook, you have exercises to get you organized. These baby steps involve all six areas of senior care. Join 1000's of family members who now understand how to care for a senior.  Get Details

The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

You've found yourself worrying about your aging parents and you're pitching in to help them! That's the easy part. You know that now they are beginning to resist your help and want to be left alone. But, in order to figure out how to handle this resistance, you've got a lot of work ahead of you! Get Details

The Senior's Freedom Club

You've found yourself exhausted because you're taking care of a senior. You wonder if this can continue much longer. And you feel so alone. That's the reality. You know that now they are beginning to have more health problems and financial challenges. But, in order to figure out how to handle this frustration, you've got a personal coach who cares! Get Details

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