Life Lessons and Wisdom  

Sharing Our Experiences, Priceless!

One Question a Day: A Five-Year Journal: A Personal Time Capsule of Questions and Answers Flexibound

This is a TOP seller among journals.  It has short answers so feel free to add pages as you ask these questions of your family member.  This does not have to be just for seniors.  Adult children will find this to be a treasure for their own children some day.  What I really like about it is that every year you return to the same question.  You will see how much you have grown each year in your own wisdom. 

The Four Agreements

This book has sold over 110,000 copies.The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. I cannot describe how life changing this book is.  Some may find they have to keep going back to it and digest it piece by piece as the total understanding can be overwhleming at first.  It is truly the authentic guide to life's freedoms. 

Being Mortal - Life Balanced

This is an incredible book to read in a weekend. It's got amazing stories and insights into how we can balance our lives as we make some pretty tough decisions about "the end". It is definitely a book all caregivers should read as it gives us an understanding of what's important to those who will someday leave us. Personal Story: Mom wanted out of the nursing home. She was miserable and severely depressed. I read this book and got her out the next day.  She florished once we got her back to her home. I should have understood what her decisions meant to her, what she wanted and needed, and realized her life was not about my wants. 

Audible SPECIAL on Sale now to Nov 27, 2023!

Audible used to have a 12-month contract but with this deal you can cencel at anytime.  There are SO MANY FREE books to listen to on your cell phone as you are out walking.  As my daughter and I drove over 4,ooo miles this past summer on a Pacific-Northwest Explore-the-Parks road trip, we listened to a book as we drove. We loved the stories. And then driving myself from Florida to Utah and back home again, Audible kept me entertained. I love to listen when walking, driving, and relaxing. It's is a great gift for your family member!  Show them how to pick their book of the month and then find other FREE books for them and get them started.  

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Audible also has this available to listen to.  But this book has sold over 3 million copies and it is used in schools to discuss everything from philosophy to psychology. The author also uses history and the chaos we live in to give us a new prospective on what we face, how to change our living, and pursue our own level of contentment. Some rules you will agree with, others you will ignore but this book promises to make you or your loved one, face the mirror, either way.