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The Super-Ager's In-depth Blueprint

Many seniors see themselves entering the last stage of the "cycle of life". We see this stage for what it really is...a linear life of perpetual growth and joy!

We want families to know that they can actually grow closer as we all age and NOT become dependent on our children to take care of us. 

We see adult children feeling safe in their caring roles without worry and frustration.  They openly commmunicate with their loved ones who respond in kindness and appreciation.

Worry, frustration, guilt, and uncertainty is left at the curb.  It just doesn't get into our most protected part of who we are...our life, family, and community. 

Is your communication within your family breaking down, leaving you lonely, scared, and disheartened?

You're fed up with not being listened to. You offer suggestions but feel ignored. 

Unsure about how to juggle so many changes and ask for help? Why do you feel guilty when you ask for help? 

Confused about what to do. As your needs change, they seem to become more unpredictable. Each change becomes a crisis and you feel stuck.

You feel your relationships are failing you. Once everyone got along so well and now your discussions seem to be repeating arguments without solution. 

You’re tired of hitting emotional challenges. As sleep is deprived, schedules become chaotic, patience wears thin even though you are trying harder to respect each other's time, principles, and commitments. 

Even so, you feel like this can't get any worse, but deep down inside you know it will. 

Nodding yes to any of this?

I'm so glad you're here!

Imagine if…

…you knew exactly what to do…no more balancing roles or wondering what you should or shouldn't be doing. 

We love to see so many families with a better quality of life, improved family bonding, and emotional fulfilled with the positive attitudes we express to one another.

  • You feel great about the intimate understanding you have with one another.
  • You know exactly what to do when an unexpected health crisis comes your way.
  • Have this blueprint in place to streamline healthy aging and care.
  • You have the confidence to be empathetic, adaptable, and balanced in what you want to do.
  • You start getting results that you can see and feel great about your family relationships. 

You can have this, and here's how! 

Introducing the Ultimate Senior Guide

happy seniors and their families

Get all the strategies, and systems, skills to achieve great family relationships with a social life to build in laughter.

This is the exact system I used with thousands of my patients, and you can do it too!"

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You missed out!

"Getting old is not for sissies."

Whoever said this didn't have the resources and blueprint you can now have.  

Sure, there can be roadblocks and obstacles but they can also be avoided if you know the trade secrets of senior living. 

So many seniors have bright futures, love their families, get along with them, and enjoy their retirement years to the fullest. But in my medical practice, I also saw so many others struggle as they burned out and could not keep up with thier seniors.  Many others struggled in silence. Soon, silence gave way to emotional abuse. 

This started to change for my patients as we opened up the conversation through the 6 foundational areas of senior living. With each area we put together the blueprint plan that eliminated difficult conversations. 

As the progress continued we saw families coming together with complete transparency and agreement as to what our senior's years would look like. Soon, siblings were even agreeing and the best decisions were in place for everyone! 

I remember when one senior came into my office with her adult son. She refused to move out of her home and go into assisted living. She needed more help. As we began to explore her many options, her mom finally said, "Here's my list of concerns. Would you talk to me about them?" All she wanted was someone to listen to her concerns, giving her support, not solutions. - Suzanne

Here’s what’s inside! Over 120 pages of timeless information, worksheets, plans, and resources:

There are six chapters and each dedicated to the foundational evidence we've seen for years in Senior Living. 


Chapter 1: Getting the Best Senior Healthcare

Improved Health: Knowledge about healthy aging practices can help you make better lifestyle choices, such as eating a balanced diet, staying physically active, and managing stress, which can lead to improved physical and mental health. Being well-informed about our healthcare system can help you maintain your independence for longer. You can make informed decisions about your healthcare, living arrangements, and daily activities.


Chapter 2: Mental & Memory Health to Enjoy

Emotional Well-Being: Learning about the psychological aspects of memory loss can help you navigate emotional challenges and maintain a positive outlook on life, reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. This can significantly improve the quality of life for the senior, enabling them to remain at home or in a familiar environment for longer.


Chapter 3: Legal & Financial Rights for Seniors

Financial Security: Knowledge about financial planning, including Medicare, Medicaid, taxes, retirement savings, investments, and budgeting, can help you secure your financial future and reduce anxiety about money as you age. There are so many resources, reducing the need for costly professional caregiving services.


Module 4: Senior Housing Choices

Senior housing choices can impact physical and mental health, safety, and overall satisfaction in later years. The housing choices we make are wrapped up in emotional well-being, finaicial affordability, services rendered, and long-term growth. Making the right choices right from the start has a direct impact on the quality of life.


Module 5: Setting Family Boundaries

Establishing family boundaries make us more resilient and adaptable in the face of challenges. We also embrace stability and predictability,reducing confusion and potential power struggles. It fosters respect within the family. It shows that each family member's feelings, needs, and rights are valued and taken seriously.This means that family members have the freedom to make their own decisions and choices, which is vital for personal growth and independence.


Module 6: Self-Care & Life Balance

Self-care promotes self-compassion, encouraging you to treat yourself with kindness and understanding.It is essential for preventing burnout for those who care for seniors. It prevents depression for seniors weary of pain and worry.

Proper life balance allows for time and energy to engage in physical activities, eat well, and get enough rest. These practices contribute to better physical health and reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.

Over 47,000 Books's what they say...

“I got the biggest resource and help from this book about the stages of dementia. Both my mom and I were well-prepared for what my dad might go through. We put all 6 foundational arenas into action."

– Darla J.

"If you hadn't mentioned it, we never would have known it was the medications that made me keep falling. Thank you for your advice and the resource to get this figured out."

– Lenore C.

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Developing Loving, Lasting Relationships 

So much is printed today either for seniors or their caregivers.  But what about families who find themselves struggling with each other every day? Who talks about them?  We do!

Better Healthcare Decisions:

Understanding healthcare options, treatments, and medications empowers you to make informed decisions about your medical care. This can lead to more effective treatments and improved outcomes.

Resource Utilization:

Well-informed caregivers are better at navigating the healthcare system, understanding available resources, and accessing the support they and their loved ones need.

Social Engagement: 

Social isolation is a major concern for seniors, as it can lead to loneliness and depression. Open, positive family connects can provide opportunities for social interaction and engagement, reducing the risk of isolation.

Passion and Hobbies: 

Noth seniors and those who care for seniors, want a balanced life to pursue their passions and hobbies, which can be a source of creativity, joy, and relaxation.

Suzanne Fiscella

Hey there, I’m Suzanne!

As a physician assistant, I've helpped thousands od sseniors and their families come together with the resources , skills, and knowledge they need to clarify theri goals and understandings. 

It became evident to me early in my medical career as daughters and sons came in burned out and frustrated over their parents not listening, or worse, they had no help. I made it my mission to seek out happy, well-adjusted families and learn how they managed. I now gladly share the 6 basic fundamental steps all families need in order to have happy, healthy lives as we age. 

More words of wisdom...

“This book provides a framework for creating a supportive and functional family environment. It allows every family member to flourish as an individual while fostering a sense of togetherness, care, and mutual respect within the family unit."

– Dr. Michael McCann, geriatric medicine

“Self-care and life balance are fundamental for promoting physical and mental well-being, enhancing relationships, and supporting personal growth and fulfillment. This book gives us the essential components of a healthy, satisfying, and sustainable life. I highly recoemmend it to all my clients."

– Dr. Alissa Smart. geriatric clinical psychologist

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Is this a course?

No, this is an eBook you will refer back to over and over again. Take each foundational chapter one at a time and complete the exercises.

Do you offer a refund policy?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

How do I know if this Senior Guide will work for me?

The Ultimate Senior Guide is designed for seniors and those who care for seniors. Seniors place a high value on maintaining and deepening their relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. And family caregivers want nothing more than to enjoy and expand on their relationship with their senior. Let's have both!

How long will it take me to complete this book?

This eBook is written like a textbook with baby steps within each chapter topic. As you complete a step you can choose to move on to the next step or pause and relax.  It will be there when you return on another day. 

How is this different from other programs in [niche]?

There are loads of online guides and program out there on Seniors and Caregivers, but this one is different. This book teaches working TOGETHER as a family. It has sound advice for the senior as well as for the next generation. It's updated and vetted resources hold true for the whole family

It’s time to live the life you want.

If you want to create strong relationships, stable homes, open conversations, The Ultimate Senior Guide will help you do it.

Grab it now and start organizing your life

happy seniors and their families

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