January 1, 2024
moving seniors


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As we evaluate ourselves as seniors, or if we are taking care of our senior, did anyone see changes and felt the concern to speak up?

Most families think about moving for a multiptude of reasons. Liz Kennedy offers the option of living in your home, just change a few things. 

Others want to unload a lot of stuff and move to a smaller convenient place.  While others want to move in with their adult child.  Some will even venture to a senior facility that housing independently living and continues all the way to rehab and nursing care. 

caregivers starter guide

What’s best for us?

The decision to move depends on various factors, and it's essential to consider the health, safety, finanaces, and overall well-being. Here are some common situations when seniors might consider moving:

  • Health concerns: If a senior is facing health issues that make it difficult for them to live independently, moving to a place where they can receive appropriate care may be necessary. As a caregiver, check out The Caregiver’s Starter Guide, 6 questions to ask yourself.
  • Home maintenance: If maintaining a home becomes too challenging due to physical limitations or financial constraints, moving to a more manageable living situation could be beneficial.
  • Social isolation: Seniors may consider moving if they feel isolated and want to be closer to family, friends, or a community where they can engage in social activities.
  • Financial considerations: If the cost of maintaining a current living situation becomes a burden, downsizing or moving to a more affordable place may be a practical choice.
  • Proximity to support services: Moving closer to medical facilities, shopping centers, and other essential services can be crucial for seniors who may require assistance.
  • Safety concerns: If a senior's current living situation poses safety risks, such as inaccessible bathrooms or stairs, moving to a safer environment may be necessary. (see this free guide on safety: The Caregiver’s Starter Guide, Chapter 4)

Biggest Mistake Seniors and Family Members Wished They Avoided 

I have seen too many seniors and their families wait until the last minute to find appropriate housing. Many of the best places are very expensive or have a 10-month waiting list. Don’t wait, start now.

It is always best to look now, at the beginning of the year, for what is out there.  Technology, facilities, and personnel are constantly improving. Compare other places to your current housing situation and then evaluate the costs and time it will take you to move.

Remember, if your ideal place becomes available and you still aren’t ready to make the change, then just go back on the waiting list until you are ready to move.

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