Get the information, support and 6 step-by-step strategies you need to go from stress to a vibrant, energized new way to live.

If you're a senior or adult child taking care of a senior and thinking, "That's not for me," then let me ask you if any of these statements sound familiar...

  • FOR THE SENIOR: You're finally organized in your daily routines. Aging is a process and you're ready. All of a sudden, your knee is hurting. It's harder to walk.  You wonder who will take you to the doctor. 
  • FOR THE SENIOR: They want you to move out of your home of 30+ years. You are not ready. You can take care of yourself but they constantly worry about you. How can you tell them with kindness? 
  • FOR THE SENIOR CARER: You started out doing the right thing by taking care of your loved one - but now you can't get a break, see no end in sight, and spinning your wheels to fix the next demand. 
  • FOR SENIOR CARER: You were promised by family that they would help. Now you are alone, feel unappreciated, and there's no honorable way out. You are their only lifeline. 
freedom from worry

Here's what Super-Agers have...

We build great memories. 

We still find special moments. 

We enjoy our timeout. 

We laugh with friends and family. 

We keep moving. 

We travel and not worry about our loved ones.

Whether you're a senior or someone who cares for a senior, our families know they will face dilemmas but we are not afraid to solve their issues, create amazing relationships, and communicate their needs with one another so we all live happy and healthy lives. 

Suzanne Fiscella

Hi, I'm Suzanne

I retired after years of practicing medicine, watching seniors and their families suffer the unknowns of aging and how to communicate in the best possible way. 

As we struggled through trial and error, we finally found a positive approach to senior care that worked for all of us and continues to work for thousand of seniors and their families today. 

I offer this unique and powerful program through a membership so you can take advantage of all the solutions you need when you need them. Both seniors and their families enjoy truly incredible lasting relationships.

Come join us.  

Happy members...

Joan Machel

Findley, OH

""I felt so alone with thi aging thing. Now I realize I am not alone.  We all have our ups and downs. I just laugh them off more. Suzanne gives us baby steps because she knows that anything else would be overwhelming."

"The most incredible advocate stepped in. The hospital wanted to send my husband home after a stroke but she got them to move him to a rehab unit instead. I didn't know this was even an option." 

Julie Slazak

Tampa, FL

Alice Meyers

San Diego, CA

"One webinar expert found me $1,800 extra a month for help. It's been a miracle that I can get out and do some things for myself now and still get the help I need."

"This is amazing!"

"As I watched my partner burn out over taking care of his mom, I decided to surprise him with this membership. He couldn't stop the tears after his first phone call because of the relief he felt that someone who understands could walk with him through this journey."

Robin Simpson

Geneva, NY

Imagining what it would mean for your life (and your wallet) if you just had a simple, 6 step-by-step action plans for managing senior healthcare, medical problems, chronic disease, memory loss, dementia, difficult behaviors, legal issues, financial solutions, time management, setting boundaries, and all those other challenges that feel so overwhelming. 

You'd know exactly what to do right now to take your care to the next level... no matter where you're starting from.

You'd never again have to wonder where to focus your efforts, or if this idea or that is too basic or too complex to tackle today. Instead, you'd sit down with your planner every single day knowing exactly what you need to do to get to that next milestone.

You'd know the right step to take to move past whatever hurdle is keeping you spinning your wheels and making little progress.

You could stop "tossing things at the wall" and hoping something sticks, and instead engage in strategic, systematic planning... and then start taking action.

You'd know--without a doubt--what's working and what's not, so you always make the right decision and move forward with ease.

No more relying on guesswork or "gut feelings" to master senior care. With real proven straight-talk you can understand, you'll make consistent improvements over time for long-term, sustainable growth.

Stop trying to piece together senior aging & care by reading another "trendy" article that comes your way

Get the Clarity and Focus You Need, Combined With 6 Systemized, Repeatable Approaches That Work.

Here's What You Can Do With the Senior's Freedom Club™

find remarkable results

Every senior and senior care provider has a unique situation. It's important to get the results that work for you.  We provide multiple solutions so you can quickly find the answer that works best for you. Let's work smart, not hard. 

Get Sound advice

News articles show you daily "new and improved something" to try.  Not all of it is healthy and most of it is just bad advice. Let's use what the experts use. We've been on the front lines, working with seniors for years.

minimize your efforts

Need to get your compass back?  You're in the right place. As we age, we find ourselves wondering what we can do while our family members tell us what we should do. How about having amazing relationships with all family members?

Monthly Memberships for your convenience!

Normally $197/month

but for a limited time, only...


per month

Hassel-free, 100% 7-day money-back guarantee with No Questions Asked Policy. 

You have the right to cancel anytime.

money back

7- day guaranteed  

Risk free

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Because senior care can change so quickly, we know you may not need us anymore. Therefore, we believe you have the right to cancel anytime. Just contact us and we'll take care of it. 

More Happy Members...

Maria Inglio

Phoenix, AZ

My blood pressure is finally under control. The BP Tracker and common sense showed me exactly what to do. Why us seniors worry so much about hypertension is beyond me. Now I have time for better things. 

healthy 90 year old

Paul Simons

chicago, il

I've been a member since 2017! I was detrmined to age healthy and keep going before my children decided I have to move. I'm a young 90-year-old with a lot more to do. I love what this club promises. 

Anna Carter

New york. ny

My parents were frustrated and I was upset at them. We were no longer connecting because I decided it was time for me to take over their care. After joining this club, we now talk about what's important and our relationship as never been better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

what will this do for me?

This is a GREAT question!  I see our members turning their lives around.  As they begin the systematic approach to aging or senior care, they get their "ducks-in-a-row."  This allows our members to already be prepared for what they may need and hope they never need it.  For example, John had a stroke and the hospital was going to send him to some dumpy poorly-run place for rehab. Because he and his wife, Susan had already determined the best rehab center in the city, they got in there. 

can I share your material with my siblings and children?

Of course!  All webinars, courses, ebooks, lessons, weekly emails are encouraged to be shared. In fact, Celia, 87, wanted to keep driving and her kids were giving her hard time. She opened her email that week and it just happened to be on "Options for driving".  She immediately called the driver's ed class for seniors and proved to her kids that she could still drive safely. Of course she had to promise them she would get re-evaluated every 6 months. Everyone was happy. 

if i have questions what should i do?

As a membr of the Senior's Freedom Club™, you have only to just email me or anyone of the experts you hear from in your webinars.  We will be more than happy to help. 

can i contact your expert webinar guests free of charge?

Yes, all guests in your webinars have agreed to be contacted free of charge.  If you get into a situation and feel uncomfortable, just feel free to let us know.  This is what Marie did when her mom's surgery went from bad to worse.  We got her an incredible patient advocate to help get her through all the misinformation she was receiving.  Marie and her mom are back home and doing fine.  But Marie told me, "I will never go into surgery without an advocate by my side!"

will you help me find professional services?

Of course!  There are so many people out there who do not know what they are doing.  Unfortunately, there are a lot more who just don't want to work.  Allen and Cindy had this situation with a home care service.  They kept sending in new people because others weren't showing up and they had to train them all over again on how to help with their home. We vetted all possible service options in her area and they chose to go private which has worked out incredibly well. 

how will i find what i'm looking for?

Any course, lesson, article, or webinar will be in your Membership portal for you to view or download. As new materials come out, you willl get an annoucement so you can view it immediately. 

what if i need to cancel?

If you need to cancel, just let us know.  We will stop your next payment and no further payments will occur.  You will have assess to your membership material until the end of the month that you cancel. Please see our cancellation policy if you have any more concerns but it's pretty simple.