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Another Great Story to Share

Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America's Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941

My mom used to tell me how much America stood divided against WWII.  She said today's left and right voices have nothing compared to the arguments around the dinner tables as one family member wanted to join the fight in Europe and the other family members wanted to stay out of it.  She said politicains were voted into office based on this one opinion.  It was only when Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor, did America come together.  This is a great book for those who lived through these tumultuous times as they can share with you their own memories. 

Law & Order: The Complete Series, 20 Years

This series started in 1990.  Many of you may remember Mom or Dad watching this show as you grew up.  There's 104 discs so that's a lot of viewing but the fun thing can't remmber how the show ends unless you've seen it multiple times. Why is this a great gift?  Because when you visit your family member, you put in one of these discs and your both enjoy the show together. It's always better to watch with another!

Ageism - Healthy Aging Attitudes

I loved how this book brings out our voice.  As we age, we are not sitting around waiting to die. We are not burdens on our friends, family, or even the government. We are vibrant, still alive and very wise. Find your power and inspiration in this incredibly well-written book. And then turn on reruns of the Golden Bachelor and know that TV had finally addressed what seniors want to see! Added bonus:  Did you know that 20 and 30-year olds are watching the Golden Bachelor even more than the seniors?

Prime Membership

Giving a Prime Membership to your senior is a wonderful gift.  Amazon does not allow you to just give the membership.  You have to give a gift card and then use it to buy the membership.  (I think they had too many people buying a membership for somebody who already had it.) There are tons of movies to see, music and books to listen to and then even more books to read all as part of your membership. Your family members also gets free delivery on all purchases, Amazon special days, and of course groceries. Most people do not used the books and music as much as they could,  It's pretty amazing what they have to offer.  

Memories: Memory Lane 1940s For Seniors

Get a pen and sit down with your senior.  OR, IF you are a senior, grab that pen and start writing.  On every page, put down what you remember about this time in your life.  What was going on?  How old were you? What were your parents doing?  How were they affected by WWII?  There ae also a book of the 50's and another book of the 60s.  This is a great way to share time with your family!