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Picking up an interest is the ticket to loving each day as it unfolds.

EZ Off Jar Opener for Seniors - Under Cabinet Jar Openers for Weak Hands, Easy Grip, One Handed Gadgets & Bottle Opener

For those who find themselves in the kitchen...This is the only jar opener I use.  I threw out all the others because I had to hold with one hand, use my chest as a stabilizer and hold the jar with the other hand.  All I did was get food all over me.  With this one, I just lodge the lid into this triangle, grab with two hands, and twist. Opens every time. Best product my brother ever bought me. Installing it takes about 2 minutes. no more running hot water over the lids.  (In the Kitchen!)

5X Large LED Page Magnifier for Reading with 3 Color Lighting Modes & Anti-Glare Lens to Reduce Eye Strain

This is the one I have. I installed LED lights in all my ceiling lights but I still have places that are too dark to read.  So I have this handy magnifyier and the light that goes with it.  The light can change colors so there is no eye strain. It's great for bedtime reading as it does not disturb your partner. And it's big enough that you can find it!  I also use it when I am trying to read my cell phone, recipes, or the stupid controls on my dishwasher.  (They are so small I can't see what they say.)  If you can't read menus anymore then also get the credit card size magnifier.  They are great stocking stuffers. (Read with Them!)

Puzzles for Everyone

Everyone loves puzzles. There are so many varieties to choose from.  Pick the one you would love to do with family members.  Be sure to get the table out right away or you'll find yourself staring at the puzzle box and never doing it. Thousands of families now come together for "puzzle night".  It's incredibly fun and lots of stories are told that may never have been told!  Try it this season.  (Get that puzzle!)

Garden Kneeler and Seat, Foldable Garden Stool Heavy Duty Gardening Bench for Kneeling and Sitting

Anybody who likes to work ourdoors needs something low enough to sit on.  And if we have to kneel to do something, wouldn't it be nice to have a handle on both sides to pull yourself back up.   For gardners, this is a must.  For those of us who lose our tools, the handy pocket keeps our stuff in one place.  It folds up so it doesn't take up a lot of space in my garage. You can get the upgraded version here for about ten bucks more. (Join them in the garden)

Large Print Easy Color & Frame - Calm (Stress Free Coloring Book)

Everyone likes to color and it's more fun when you get to do it together.   I like to spread the coloring pens out on the table.  We each have our own books to color and then we talk while we are creating our masterpieces. It's a great exercise in hand-eye coordination and most importantly, it keeps our joints moving.  The spiral-bound means us left handers can color just as easiliy as the right-handers. If I don't use my hands for a awhile, they become painful to move.  This is relaxing.  Turn on some soft music in the background and then let the sharing begin!  Here are the coloring pens I like the best.