Travel and Adventure (Bon Voyage!)  

For Those of Us Who want to Go and Those of Us Who Wish We Could

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World's Most Amazing Places

You and your family member can enjoy all the craziet places to go and then maybe, just maybe, why not plan one of these trips.  This is a fascinating book and easily grabs your attention as you wonder why you never thought of getting out and seeing more. Who knows.  One of these places may very well be in your back yard. 

Travel Guides: Good ol' National Geographic comes through for us again.  Get ones of these books and start appreciating the USA!

I'll never forgt the time I told my mom we were going on a road trip but it was a surprise.  I helped her pack and we drove 3.5 hours to Asheville NC.  We stayed overnight and ate dinner at the Groves Park Inn looking over the city and the next day we toured the Biltmore Estate.  My mom was in love with the trip as it brought back so much nostalgia from her youth. PS. She knew more about the Vanderbilts than ever printed in a newspaper! Yikes!

Lonely Planet Where to Go When

The Lonely Planet has been the #1 travel guide for years. Many families grew up with a mom or dad from the "old country".  There was music, culture, and language we didn't understand.  Now that they are gone, we cannot remember the customs, but the music lives on. Give a travel guide to those who are still with us.  Get out the pen and start writing down stories about the old country.  Find a way to reproduce those customs that are now faded memories. roies.

Also, you might enjoy this webiste:  The Amateur Traveler. Chris, the owner has over 800 podcasts where he interviews people who live in the area and can tell you specific places to go and things to do.  They also tell you how to save money on "touristy" things. I found them to be very reliable. 

If you can't travel...but would love to...

The best way to "see" countries if you cannot travel is through documentaries.

Plan this out and you will be greatly rewarded.  Get out your calendar and make "date nights".  Then pick countries you and your family member would like to go to. You can find documentaries on just about any country on YouTube or Netflix or Amazon Prime, if you have it. 

Bonus:  You senior will start sharing stories about these countries you never knew existed.  It is SO FUN to hear these.  People wonder how I know so much about "stuff".  I read and listen to others!

⚠ CAUTION:  Be aware that some of these documentaries are propaganda or spinning certain beliefs. So just don't grab the first one you see.  Visit the reviews and pick one you feel would be enjoyable and honorable for all to watch.