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Suzanne and her daughter hiking & camping last summer through the Rockies and Pacific Northwest. 

Get the Simple Solutions to Aging Well!

Let's make things easy for you.

I've selected some of my top articles and courses to help get you started, added a selection of must-have tools and resources every senior & their family needs.

As a physician assistant, I realized I it was up to me to age well. And it was a promise I made to myself, my patients, my family, and my Freedom Club™ members that "I must start with me!"

So I've taken all that I've learned through the years from my super-aging patients, super-aging doctors, family therapists, and the caregivers I've worked with to give you all that I know so you, too can enjoy the best years. 

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, MS

“ Everyone has a right to enjoy life deeply  at any age."

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The Proven Super-Ager Roadmap

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About Suzanne

Suzanne's medical practice allowed her to work with over 10,000 seniors and their family members.  She saw their aging frustrations, pleas for help, and burnout. As a medical provider, she gave seniors a healthy aging blueprint.

For their family members she gave these caregivers  a sense of joy, personal growth, and increased meaning with purpose in their own life. Read More

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I wish I knew what I know now before I started caregiving for my mother.


Your course found me $2378 every month for home healthcare. Thank you.


This is truly the best advice you could give any caregiver.


Moving dad to a senior facility was timely and simple with the Ultimate Caregiver's Guide.